Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans

When arranging a funeral for a loved one, there is much to be considered, especially when the service has not been pre-planned or pre-paid. Everyone is unique, and the factors which influence the final choice of ceremony will differ. These may consist of religious, cultural and personal preferences.

Low Cost Funeral Plan
We offer a low cost funeral to include the following:

Supplying a simple, dignified coffin suitable for burial or cremation, complete with brass style oscar handles and a brass coloured inscribed breast plate.

Professional fees, including co-ordination of arrangements, consultation with family, hospital or coroner, crematorium/cemetery and any other authorities.
Obtaining and completion of all legal requirements.
Supply of a motor hearse, funeral director from place of death (within 12 miles of our funeral home) to place of service (within 12 miles of our funeral home) and immediately on to the cemetery/crematorium.
Price from €2,400

In addition the following costs may be incurred, these include disbursements to cover embalming, priest and church fees, radio obituary, church music, grave opening and closing, plot purchase or travel and urn to and from the crematorium. Typically these costs can be anywhere in the region of €800 to €1,300.

N.B. We offer our services throughout Ireland and can facilitate international repatriations, if you require a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.

Funeral Personal Requests
Every person is unique, and so is every funeral. We strive to make each funeral unique and special and we can include personal touches such as photos around the funeral home or at the Church, favorite music played, a symbol on the breast plate relating to a hobby the deceased may have enjoyed, we also accommodate any family request to ensure that this highly personal occasion is a true reflection of the wishes expressed by the deceased or the bereaved. Personal requests can also consist of:

  • Particular music to be played at the beginning and end of the ceremony
  • A particular vehicle to transport the body to the funeral
  • Specific catering
  • Your choice of flowers and wreaths
  • A particular dress code or theme
  • Guest speakers
  • A different venue
  • Any other requests.